Inflation: 10% increases in bread and 25% in pet food

The shocks that consumers are subjected to daily by the increases in product prices as in addition to fuel and electricity the increase has taken other already essential.

Bread in several stores has risen in price by 10%, while the same path will be followed by many more stores with the inflation causing horror.

Inflation… even before the war

The president of the Panhellenic Bakers’ Federation, Michalis Mousios, tells that the increases in production costs started before the war in Ukraine. “The price of bread had an increase in September with the first outbreak of the energy crisis, so by September-October the price was at 0.60-0.90. After the increase, the price ranged from € 0.70 to € 1. Now they receive the flour and the prices vary from bakery to bakery, we are a free market. Now we have a big 70% increase in the flour that we saw from the beginning of the week “.

For her part, the president of the Thessaloniki Bakers’ Association, Elsa Koukoumeria, tells that both she and some of her colleagues have increased them by 10%.

“Increases in bread have already taken place and it makes sense from the moment we receive invoices with new prices, with increased flour at a rate of 60%, we bought the bag for 12-15 euros, now we buy it for 22-24 euros. Rally in sunflower oil, increased all raw materials. “It makes sense for these increases to be passed on to bread and we try to keep it to a minimum,” said Elsa Koukoumeria. we have another revaluation. We have made an increase of 10%. There are breads that had 0.90 and we went for 1 euro. Respectively, breads that were at 1 euro went to 1.10 etc. We are waiting to see how the situation will develop “.

New increases from week

The baker, Eleni Kallidou, is on the same wavelength, stressing that she will increase prices next week. “Increases are everywhere. We also tried not to make increases in our products but this is no longer possible. We can not absorb them. We are uploading everything from next week. Some breads from 0.80 will go to 0.90, some others from 0.90 will go to 1 euro. “Fortunately, people are showing understanding at the moment, but for how long.”

Kind of a luxury pet food

However, the pet food has also soared, with the result that their owners put their hand deep in their pocket. “The increases have reached our products as well. Dog and cat food has already risen in price. Especially canned foods show an increase of up to 25%. This is because metal is on the rise due to energy. Metal is also used for packaging, which increases the final price of the product. And foods that are in paper packaging are showing an increase, especially large packages can be up to two euros more. “This is not good for us and consumers are protesting,” petshop owner Panagiotis Parkharidis told

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