Information for those who are considering Easter barbeques in flats and gardens

ELAS will make patrols outside churches but also in open spaces, squares, holiday homes, courtyards of apartment buildings on Easter Sunday. fearing the spread of the corona from large or small gatherings of citizens.

According to information, there is already a plan in EL.AS. with patrols and in towns to avoid parties around the spear. Of particular interest is the inspections of house or apartment building pilots where there may be small Easter gatherings of their residents.

These places are considered private and the police will make recommendations for the “dissolution” of the rallies.

If there is no obedience of the citizens, there may be a call for a prosecutor, the imposition of fines on all those present, and spontaneous proceedings may be instituted.

However, it has not been fully clarified what will happen in cases of citizens who have closed a yard and will choose to barbeque on the spit only for their family or for those who have declared the specific place as permanent residence. However, it seems that the government will proceed with a universal implementation of the measure, in order to avoid misinterpretations and gatherings of citizens.

It is recalled that, as government spokesman  Stelios Petsas stated a few days ago, only in the oven will we be able to bake lamb this year. As he said, “there is no one who can cook lamb or kokoretsi and not gather in the neighborhood. We want to avoid overcrowding, which is a given in these circumstances. Also in Athens or other cities, you know what’s going on in the flats of apartment buildings. Don’t laugh at each other. It is a place where people will gather… .This year we will bake the lamb in our oven concluded Mr. Petsas.

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