Information on Roman Villa in Skala

The Roman Scala Mansion is considered rural and discovered by archaeologists in 1957. It is today the most important monument of the Roman era in kefalonia and dates back to the 2th Located in the village of skala, in position position (Saint Athanasios) near the sea and very close to the archaic temple.
To date they are kept and have come to the light six spaces, including the outdoor yard of the Roman mansion of Four of the rest of the spaces have inlaid floors, colorful, decorated with geometric patterns of special
According to archaeologists, the Roman Scala mansion included baths with ypókausta, perhaps nimphea, in the eastern section, where 1822 was built a large tank. The investigations still indicated that in the southern part of the mansion, where the main entrance was located, the bed of a stream was found, which means that the entrance was made
A fire seems to have destroyed the Roman Scala Mansion in the 4th century A.D. a few century later, during the Christian period, it was built on a part of the Christian Temple, which worked as the 9th And it resulted in her walls being cut off to the east.
The Roman Scala Mansion was revealed in 1957 by anaskaphikés work of b. Kallipolítē.
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Source – FB post of Ilias Avgerinos in Κεφαλονιά ένας Παράδεισος στο Ιόνιο!

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