Information on the course of the studies of the Tomb of Tzannata

To all the media of our island

Subject: Information on the state of the study of the Tomb of Tzannata

Following the recent press conference given by the Honorable Ionian Islands Regional Minister, Ms. Rodi Kratsa, to the media of our islands, where the need to be informed about the course of studies related to the protection and promotion of your monumental monuments we are considering a very short journey of the studies concerned and their recipients.

Because it has been heard that the Ionian Islands Region does not hold the study dossier, we would like to inform you that we are not the body that had or has the institutional responsibility for sending the studies concerned. The surveys are dispatched through the competent bodies, which in this case are the Archaeological Service here (EFA of Kefalonia and Ithaca).

The PIN should formally receive the study file (if it has not already received it) from the Kefalonia & Ithaca EFA which must send it to the relevant PIN departments together with all supporting documents and obviously to the managing authority from date of notification of the measure.

Kefallinia’s EFS had in the past sent another study to the Region of the Ionian Islands and attempted to integrate the project when Olympia Vicatos was Commissioner of Antiquities. This study, even though it received temporary green light from the Ministry of Culture because it had nothing to do with the study approved by the KAS, was rejected when evaluating the proposals in October 2017.

Because it may be resubmitted by the EFSA of Kefallinia and Ithaca, if not already submitted, the relevant file for the inclusion of the project in the PIN NSRF and because it will be re-evaluated by the relevant PIN departments we have tried all these years to activate every Competent body to do what it was supposed to do in the study for the protection and promotion of this monument and obviously for the necessary expropriations in order to be able to integrate the work without footnotes and asterisks most of the cases to avoid being displaced by the current NSRF, which would be disastrous for both the monument and the development prospect of SE Kefallinia.

The studies initially as preliminary and until their progress as definitive were supported by us (Society for Prehistoric Cephalonian Studies) and always with the agreement of the archaeological service (see related document). Subsequently, under the responsibility of the Archaeological Service here, the studies were carried out for inspection and any corrections to the relevant technical services of the Ministry of Culture and the Central Archaeological Council (KAS). There the scholars were obliged, in cooperation with the technical services of the Ministry of Culture, to correct any changes requested by the competent bodies of the Ministry such as KAS and DIPKA.

Following the relevant changes, corrections and additions, these studies were finalized on March 21, 2019 and, together with the tender documents, resulted in both print and electronic (but also in the AUTOCAD environment) for us, the Ministry but and the Archaeological Service here (see related document to this date where the address is ).

This Office now has the full range of studies and approvals in all its phases in order to submit them as a competent authority in the Region of the Ionian Islands (through the Ministry of Culture) with the announcement of the measure.

In practice now:

The task of securing, protecting and raising the dome of the Tzannata according to approved studies by the Central Archaeological Council (KAS) required the amount of 1,000,000 Euros.

The Ministry of Culture having these studies at its disposal gave the approval for this project to be included in the projects that would be financed by the PIN with the total budget, ie 1,000,000 Euros according to its relevant EDEPOL / A / PEP IN 14 decision. -20/224 – 20.02. 2019 (see document by the Regional Governor of Theodoros Galiatsatos Corfu 20/08/2019 Item no. 387/72000)

Surprisingly, and without knowing anything, today’s Antiquities Supervisor does not appear to include actions that appear to have been included in the expropriated portion of the Monastery of Attros (for reasons unknown to us he did not proceed as an act of excommunication. and in the practice of expropriation of the neighboring parcel in question) sent a new proposal to the competent departments of the Ministry of Interior. What about the integration of the monument with a reduced budget.

Due to this choice it was no longer possible to construct the archaeological outpost – refuge – WC as parking lots, hiking trails and ramps for the disabled were required by the KAS approved study. (see relevant study plates)

Surprisingly and for reasons incomprehensible, it did not include the construction of the new dome of the monument, however, which is located in the expropriated estate of the Miliarese brothers and not in the monastery section !!!

However, this Tholos was the most necessary construction that would protect the monument from the weather and make it immediately accessible to the thousands of visitors arriving there. (see relevant study plates)

The Ministry of Culture, following the new proposal by the Head of the Archaeological Service here, has re-approved the project to be included in the projects that the PIN would finance but this time with a reduced budget of 428.441 Euros according to the latest on its decision EDEPOL / A / PEP IN 14-20 / 901 – 05.07. 2019 (see document by the Regional Governor of Theodoros Galiatsatos Corfu 20/08/2019 Item no. 387/72000).

The out-of-time and time-consuming action of the Registrar actually distorts the content and philosophy of this study, cancels it for the most part, and apparently has nothing to do with the overall study as approved by the KAS, thus putting the monument in serious danger. (see related document by Regional Governor Theodoros Galiatsatos).

After that and following his relevant letter to the then Ionian Islands Regional Governor Mr. Theodoros Galiatsatos who in his honor and in his duty called on all Services to return to the original inclusion of the monument with its overall budget and in particular to EFA to proceed immediately with all actions required for the expropriation of the surrounding areas and to inform him of its actions, a marathon was launched by all the bodies of Kefallinia with assemblies and itopoiiseis, resolutions and performances in each jurisdiction in order to save and enhance the monument according to the approved study of KAS. (See resolutions on letters and documents).

These are for the time being and we are at your disposal for any further updates

With particular respect

Makis Metaxas

President of the Prehistoric Cephalonian Studies Society

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