Insightful thoughts from George Messaris: The pandemic of the planet

Decades before the coronavirus came to us, changing our lives, another man-made disease had begun to eat away at our planet and gnaw our future. And this is none other than climate change.

I am sure that science, after the vaccine for the prevention of Covid-19, will find effective drugs to cure patients.

I have confidence in science. But I do not trust people and politicians.

Man is possessed by greed and indifference and politicians by the syndrome of re-election, no matter how great the cost may be!

Man is indifferent to the consequences of his behavior. It pollutes and refuses to recycle. He does not even think about the future of his children.

Of course, not all people are like that, but unfortunately, the largest percentage falls into the category of criminally indifferent.

I get angry every time I visit a beach and everywhere there are cigarette butts and rubbish just a few meters away from the trash cans!

I get angry every time I see people throwing their cigarette butts and rubbish in the street!

I get angry every time drivers and passengers fly out of car windows that the human mind can think – even plastic bags full of rubbish!

You see these and you think about the size of anesthesia and irresponsibility!

And you wonder. Haven’t these people learned how much the environment has been strained? Can they not hear the groaning of the earth? They do not see the unspeakable catastrophes caused by the so-called natural disasters, which are wrongly named because God has no involvement in what is happening in the environment and therefore does not send us messages.

I read the other day a summary of a study signed by one hundred experts, the World Health Organization and other United Nations agencies.

The report states that “climate change can not only change our way of life in the future , but endanger our lives today ” and warns health structures to prepare for a climate crisis.

“The heatwaves, the research continues, and other natural disasters were particularly dangerous this year, as rescuers and health systems already had the increased weight of the Covid-19 pandemic. Other worrying statistics include the deaths of the elderly over 65 associated with high ambient temperatures, which have risen by 54% since 2000…

“Rising temperatures cost $ 45 billion in 2015 in external areas of work such as agriculture, construction and others.”

Finally, the research urges governments around the world to use the coronavirus pandemic recovery as an opportunity to fight climate change and achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement.

The urgency of the situation was stressed a few days ago by the Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, at the beginning of the climate debate at the EU Summit. their countries to take action to prevent catastrophic climate change, “said Guterres.

Evidence for the consequences of climate change can be seen even in my hometown, Argostoli, where in recent years heavy rains have flooded the coastal road because the sea level has risen and the rain gutters are full of sea water!

Finally, people need to be aware of the dangers and act responsibly.

Governments must finally take action to save the planet.

The earth cries out for help… Let us hear it for our own good!

George Messaris

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