Inspection before the restoration of the late Diana Antonakatou’s house

A visit to the house of the late Diana Antonakatou was made this morning by Mayor Giorgos Katsivelis, Vice-Regional Governor Stavros Travlos and Deputy Mayor of Culture Gerasimos Galanos.
Lately, the Mayor has taken initiatives to acquire and restore Diana Antonakatou’s house and procedures for his proclamation as preserved have started.
Last week in a conference call attended by Regional Governor Mrs. Kratsa, Vice-Regional Governor Mr. Stutter with PIN service factors, the Mayor Mr. Katsivelis raised the issue of acquiring and restoring this historic building and making use of it in a cultural area for the wider region.
From the very first moment the Regional Governor showed great interest and it was decided the framework to move the Municipality and Region, in cooperation, to achieve the goal.
The Mr. Travlos in his professional capacity undertook through his office to carry out a repair and maintenance cost assessment study in order to advance the proposal for the acquisition of the property by the Region and then to be granted to the Municipality.
We consider it our obligation to warmly thank all those who from the very first moment showed interest in making use of and highlighting Diana Antonakatou’s house and their interventions highlighted the issue, while at the same time making themselves available to the Municipality of Lixouri in order to document her with the best possible way the request for the declaration to be preserved.
Source – Lixouri the Press Office

Many years ago I purchased a set of prints from the late Diana and here are the pictures from all around Kefalonia and places most of you will recognise today but in her style captured many years ago.


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