Integrated Digital Information campaign from the Ιonian islands region -“in the ionian we stay home, we share love and not the virus”. (English posters)


Press Release

The battle against coronavirus continues

Integrated Digital Information campaign from the ionian islands region

With a message that the battle against coronavirus is not over, the region of Ionian Islands continues a comprehensive campaign to inform citizens to avoid the spread of covid-19 under the slogan “in the ionian we stay home, we share love and not the virus”.


In this context, it has issued and distributed through hospitals, the Greek police, fire service, hospitals, airports, municipalities and volunteer groups, informative material in Greek and English for more information to all citizens and residents .

Alongside Radio and television spots as well as their post on social media of the region (Facebook: region of Ionian Islands-region of Ionian Islands, Twitter: @Regionofionian) the public information about the battle against Coronavirus and the role of individual Behavior.

” we continue to call on our fellow citizens to respect the hygiene rules and the precautionary measures to avoid the spread of covid-19, while in case anyone shows symptoms of respiratory infection (e.g. fever, cough, sore throat, difficulty breathing) contact Directly with his doctor or phea (Tel: 1135, 210 5212 054), to receive instructions “, points out the regional governor of the ionian islands of Rhodes kratsa – tsagaropoulou.

For the service of citizens, the region of ionian islands offers access to the platform medical advice platform with the cooperation of the medical association of Corfu, while the cooperation of other medical associations is coming.


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