Intensity and interruption of the meeting of the Municipal Council of Sami. What was discussed.

The extraordinary and urgent meeting of the Municipal Council of Sami on “Information – Discussion on the wind farm in Xerkias” was finally interrupted. The meeting was also attended by the representatives of the owner company “PPC Renewables” A. Kasimis, D. Vasilakis and P. Papageorgiou, as well as the manufacturer “Resinvest Energy Services” D. Karagoules, in order to inform the body about their positions.

It was a really stormy meeting which was practically impossible to complete, as the people gathered in the courtyard of the City Council hall covered the speakers with their slogans. After all, as they themselves stated, that was their goal. The cancellation of the meeting and the prevention of any decision.

Even before the placement of the Mayor of Sami Mr. Gerasimos Monia – Neti, the Deputy Mayor of Civil Protection Mr. Nikos Rassias spoke who left and stated that it is not possible to hold the meeting with the ship remaining in the port of a flood damaged and that this is essentially a discussion under pressure and blackmail from companies.

The also departed Deputy Mayor for Social Welfare, Mr. Erigoni Valsamou, moved in the same direction. disasters. Moreover, that the refusal to unload the wind turbines is not heroism but a requirement for extra time and obviously check if the conditions of operation of the wind farm are met after the new data created by Janos.

This was followed by the brief placement and departure of Mr. George Kavallieratos who spoke, among other things, about a staged show, as well as Mr. Michalis Gakis who asked the Mayor to return the departed councilors of his party, so that the meeting could begin.

Mr. Spyros Spathis then said that the current Municipal Council was really unnecessary, as the data have not changed in relation to the previous meeting and the decision to continue the mobilizations.

Mr. Pantelis Amourgis, for his part, pointed out to the President of the Municipal Council, Mr. Aristea Amitsi, that the provisions of the operating regulations were not observed in the minimum, however he stated that the meeting should be held in order to hear the views of the representatives. of the companies related to the project and of course of the municipal parties.

This was followed by the position of the Mayor, who, quite charged, stressed that everyone is judged for their attitude and repeated the call for calm so that all views are clearly expressed. At the same time, he pointed out that some people should not sell some “big pictures”, as he characteristically stated, as we should not ignore the existing risk that the Municipality will be called to pay fines, if and when the precautionary measures become final. Finally, he reminded that throughout the mobilizations, the Municipality is leading the fight for the non-unloading of the wind turbines and the non-creation of the wind farm.

Mr. Kasimis, one of the representatives of “PPC Renewables”, was then invited to present his views, but he did not even manage to start his position, as he was interrupted by the slogans of those gathered. Following this, the leader of the opposition, Mr. Stelios Spathis, stated in a very strong tone that the Municipal Authority bears full responsibility for the situation, which he will be called upon to assume and left the room together with the advisers of his faction.

At this point, the President of the Municipal Council permanently interrupted the meeting, with those gathered heading to the port of Sami to continue their mobilization and not allow the wind turbines to be unloaded.

As mentioned above, representatives of the committee of bodies and collectives had gathered outside the hall of the Municipal Council who reacted to the holding of the meeting, accusing the Municipal Authority of being behind the plans of the investors. In fact, she is accused of collaborating with the government, businessmen, the repressive mechanisms and part of the media that use the whip and carrot tactics in order to manipulate the mobilizations and to bend the resistance of those who defend life, security and property. of the people of the area.

Indicative of the criticality of the situation, was the fact that those gathered essentially raised the issue of legitimacy of the Municipal Authority with the main slogans “Cephalonia has ideals, neither sold out nor worshiped” and “Your boat and forward, the people do not want you” denouncing the misery in their view, the method of the investors and the Municipality, pointing out that the people should have no confidence in those who deprive them of their right to life and security.

However, in statements made to the local media by the representative of the wind farm contractor Mr. Dimitris Karagoules, he expressed the certainty that the wind turbines will be unloaded in Sami and will be installed in their place, as he believes that in the end the law will be observed.

In any case, in a small area like ours where we all know each other and we all share the same anxiety for the future of the place and our children, it is extremely sad that a discussion in the highest body of the Municipality can not be completed. Whatever the issue, especially when it’s so important, whoever is responsible for it. We hope that the situation will be normalized immediately and the best possible solution will be achieved for our Municipality.


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