Intensive controls for the prevention of road accidents in the Ionian Islands with 377 violations including 38 in Kefalonia


Intensive police checks for the prevention of traffic accidents and the treatment of dangerous driving behaviors were carried out from Friday (31-07-2020) to Sunday (02-08-2020), in the islands of Ion.
In particular, during police excursions from the Police Departments Corfu, Kefalonia, Zakynthos and Lefkada tested 1,549  vehicles and ascertained 377  infringements of the Highway Code (Corfu 202 in Zakynthos 91 in Lefkada  46  and  38  in Kefalonia).

– 55 for excessive speed
– 56  for not using a protective helmet
– 8  for driving under the influence of alcohol
– 7  for not using a seat belt
– 5  for driving in the opposite direction
– 3  for violating a red light
– 2  for overtaking
– 1  for mobile irregular maneuvering and priority breach and
– 238  for other breaches


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