International donkey outrage in Santorini: New PETA video shows animals being abused as taxi cabs

Donkeys with a mantle on the steps of Santorini / Photo: PETA

The donkeys ‘taxi’ in Santorini still cause reactions throughout the world, from animal welfare organizations and activists who call the prohibition of tourist attractions on the island.

Last week, Germany’s PETA (Animal Welfare Organization) released a video from Santorini showing dozens of donkeys transporting tourists from the port to the country of the Cycladic island.

According to the organization, the donkeys of Santorini continue to be abused and used as “tourist taxis” despite the international outcry and publicity that PETA’s 2018 exhibition received. , which revealed that the animals remained permanently under the sun, while they are malnourished and offered little water.

Despite the initial reaction of the Greek authorities last year, which imposed restrictions on the use of donkeys, PETA today calls for a total ban on their use for tourism reasons.

“They hit donkeys and leave them in the sun”
The autopsy of activists in Santorini in September shows that donkeys are exhausted, often trampled on and often hit by whips. From PETA Germany, they even note that tired and suffering horses endanger even pedestrians climbing the stone steps of Santorini on foot.

When they are not forced to lift too large loads, the donkeys – many with wounds under the saddle – stay under the sun without access to shade and water, the animal organization notes.

To enforce the law in Santorini calls on Greece, PETA
“Santorini is excluded from Greece and Greek law – it is a completely uncivilized place where men hit donkeys and mules in common sight, forcing them to carry their heavy load,” PETA German President Ingrid Nevkirk said. “The Greek authorities should take a stand and prohibit the exploitation of these animals,” he adds.

In 2018, following the size of PETA’s report on the living conditions of donkeys in Santorini, Greece imposed stricter regulations banning animal owners from boarding tourists weighing more than 110kg. However, the organization claims that the inspections carried out in September were not observed by the donkey owners.

Donkeys wilted in the Santorini sun / Photo: PETA
Donkeys numbers fell 96% in Santorini
The total population of quadrupeds in Santorini has declined by 96% in recent decades. According to the University of Athens, there were 508,000 donkeys on the island in 1955, 12,000 in 2015, but today there are no more than 2,000 left.

The 520 stairs are constantly going up and down the old port of Fira, up to 20 hours a day, DW said in a statement. For this “authentic Greek experience”, the publication goes on, their owners charge six euros. And often they give the animals little water and little food.
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