Investigation to be held regarding unsupervised animals causing property damage


Mayors office


A visit to the Prosecutor’s Office of Kefallinia was made   on Wednesday 05-08-2020 by the Deputy Mayors Mr. Georgios Tsilimidos, Mr. Spyridonas Samouris and the President of the Community of Thinaia Mr. Panagi Konstantatos in order to inform the grazing of productive animals within many municipal communities and settlements of our Municipality.

The representatives of the Municipality exposed on the one hand the serious problem that has created extensive damage to properties and public spaces, due to the provocative indifference of farmers in various areas, and on the other hand the abusive and illegal closure of crossings on community roads by them.

In the coming days, the Municipality will submit a written report to the Prosecutor’s Office in order to conduct an investigation and to take any legal action for the offenders. At the same time, because it does not have the appropriate staff to act effectively, it will move in the direction of seeking a service from a private company for the collection and after the legal slaughter procedures of unattended productive animals.

From the Mayor’s Office

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