Investigations to locate a missing boat in Cephalonia – (issued by Greek costguard this morning)

The Port Authority of Kefallinia was informed, yesterday afternoon, by a private individual, that the boat “DIAS” SA, owned by the E / P, 478, which had been leased by a 30-year-old foreigner, was not returned during the period for which it was leased and has since been ignored, while according to his statement, another three (03) people were on board.
The local emergency plan was immediately implemented and investigations were started by one (01) LS-EL.AKT patrol boat, one (01) FRONTEX boat, five (05) I / D boats and two (02) L patrol vehicles. .Σ.-ΕΛ.ΑΚΤ. from land.
Any developments will be announced in a newer press release.

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