The founding declaration of the combination of the “Ionian Initiative” was presented by Alexandros Alexakis, the head and candidate of the Ionian Islands Regional Director, framed by new (age-old) centrists and supporters of former historians and former self-governors of Corfu.With his slogan “the baton to the young”, the region’s chief candidate presented the positions and the principles of his combination, while he informed that next week, during a new interview, he will present his first candidates for his combination.


Corfu 20/2/2019

The Ionian Islands have been a crossroads of cultures across the Mediterranean and South-European continents , possessing a dominant geopolitical and geo-economic position . They constitute an important island complex and a distinct cultural unity of the Greek Territory. Over time, they constitute the “gateway” of Europe for all of Greece.

In Corfu, Kefalonia, Zakynthos, Lefkada, Ithaca, Paxos, Meganissi , in the intermittent islands, our historical hetlandian heritage is great and valuable.

Here all the cultural-political tendencies have developed that inspired and enriched Greece with a distinct cultural and cultural wind and dragged Greek culture into more extrovert paths. Here, the Radical MPs movement , impregnated with the first ideas of socialism, developed. Here is the place of origin of the first governor of Greece, Ioannis Kapodistrias .

The Ionian Islands have given and given a lot to our country in all fields of human activity: the arts, the letters, the economy, the politics, the sport .

We all have to be aware of this invaluable historical heritage, but also of the responsibility that it creates for us. We have a duty to continue this historical course in modern times in terms of present and future. Strengthen regional consciousness, which has been forged over centuries and which is the most important factor for regional cohesion.

The administration of the offspring of the Transylvanian state of the region should not be managed by management. It must be a visionary process that will push at the end of the day a step ahead of the Region as a whole and each of our islands separately.

The Region of the Ionian Islands must vigorously assert its role as an equal member of the large family of European island regions.

The Ionian Initiative

The Ionian Initiative is ambitious to express the new country that needs our country with its descent in the regional elections. It is born of people who not only love our place but believe in the Region and regional development, citizens who know the European environment, are free of dogmas and prejudices that can express something new within the framework of the principles of regional autonomy in Europe. Our goal is to formulate a strategy that responds to the challenges of the future for a modern development of the islands with simultaneous economic, social and ecological targeting, based on man.

We believe:

Strengthening the Ionian Islands Region in practice.

The universality of the civilization and tradition of the Ionian Islands.

In the promotion, coordination and exploitation of local productive forces in the Region, as a central lever for the development of the local economy.

We are committed to work

We commit ourselves to turning vision into action and working forcefully and forcefully:

  • To capitalize on all the comparative advantages of the Region in relation to Greek and European reality.
  • To develop healthy entrepreneurship to increase employment and at the same time ensure decent working conditions for all residents so that all the productive forces of the Ionian Islands remain in our islands.
  • To shield our tourist product in terms of sustainability and quality, in synergy with other areas of the local economy (eg agricultural sector). Re-turn the primary sector into a dynamic, productive source of life in our islands.
  • To exploit the island nature and peculiarity of the Ionian Islands region by fully exploiting the specific funding programs for island regions and working with other island regions of Europe to demand specific policies.
  • To ensure the protection of our natural environment as a great asset of our region and the regulation of land use in cities and the countryside, through an integrated spatial and urban design. Promoting and implementing modern policies, sustainable development and better resource management.
  • For development that will take advantage of the new knowledge and knowledge-based economy of the knowledge economy and the information society, which find a privileged field of application in the island area and for the development of more favorable conditions for enhancing innovation and small and medium-sized entrepreneurship.
  • To support, promote and promote the rich cultural heritage of our islands and modern cultural creation.
  • For the development of sport, addressing the acute problems and infrastructural deficiencies in all islands, supporting organized sporting activities and boosting sport as a mass social commodity.
  • To strengthen social cohesion, the welfare state and social infrastructures, through institutionalized structures, and to make use of the opportunities offered by European programs. Better quality of healthcare and education provision, areas that are the poor relative in our islands, and that policies for their upgrading should be drafted promptly and drastically.
  • To ensure better living conditions for the citizens of all our islands, based on their real needs (better management, organizational structures that make it modern and friendly to the citizen, safer road network, better accessibility inside and outside the islands, cleanliness etc.).


Today, the negative Greek and international economic conjuncture requires the exploitation of all our developmental potential. No development opportunity should be missed.


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