Ionian Islands for all seasons: Social media and mobile promotion campaign successful

” Ionian… for all seasons” is the message of the campaign started by the Ionian Islands Region.

In a smart and original way, the Ionian Islands Region is ready with active initiatives, to safely welcome Greeks and foreign visitors by implementing new methods of information. It treats the traffic and the tourist season with a plan and optimism.

It promotes, through mobile phones and social media, the Ionian Islands starting from Greece as a travel destination for all seasons, and the seasons when we are protected by covid-19 but also when we return to full normalcy.

The advertising message appears all over Greece, on the facebook platform (Facebook, Instagram) and on all collaborating third party websites.

The images are alternated in a collective presentation of characteristic landscapes, highlighting the Ionian Islands as a whole with quality elements, but also the unique identity of each island .

Within a few days the message has appeared in about 1. 30 0.000 unique internet users and acceptance is excellent at ages 18-24, while following ages 25-34 years, 35-44 years, 45-54 years old, 55-64 years old, followed by 65+. With the same distribution is the warm impression of the users but also the interactivity.

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