Ionian Islands Region: For the first time since its creation, the General Hospital of Argostoli will be repaired and upgraded with NSRF resources – Ionian Islands

They were informed about the current issues by the Governor and exchanged views on the problems of the Hospital both in building and logistics infrastructure, as well as in human resources.

The Rodi Kratsa – Tsagaropoulou informed the Governor that has extensively reported the particular problems and deficiencies of the General Hospital of Argostoli Ministers Mrs. Claus Kikilia , as the Deputy Minister. Claus Kontozamani , and asked their support for the upgrade in order to meet to the security needs of residents and quality public health services.

He also announced that the General Hospital of Kefalonia will be included in the program prepared by the Region for the repair and general upgrade of the Health Centers, due to the serious damage suffered by the earthquakes of 2014 and the urgent needs it faces.

Mr. Messaris thanked for the planning of the Region, informing that the General Hospital of Argostoli has not undergone serious maintenance and repair since its construction, even after the earthquakes of 2014.

Also, the Governor informed that the process of procurement of medical equipment from Interreg has progressed in a program managed by the Ionian Islands region, which in recent months included the General Hospital of Kefalonia and will be delivered shortly.

The Regional Governor and the Deputy Regional Governor requested from the Governor Mr. Messaris the close cooperation for the recording of the condition of the Hospital with the aim of the elaboration of the necessary studies that will be undertaken by the Region.

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