Ionian Islands Region: Student transport requires vigilance for the implementation of health protocols and road safety conditions

As the situation is evolving, the Regional Authority is in constant contact with the Ministry and if necessary intervene any corrective movement will take place directly in the areas of responsibility, said Public Health Deputy Head, Social Cohesion and Employment Costas Zorbas and invited players to communicate on the matter with the competent service of the Region.

The text adopted is as follows:

” Despite the special health conditions of the covid-19 pandemic, the transfer of students this year is going smoothly with few special problems and immediately treatable.

The Regional Authority, as it is obliged, monitors the progress of the process and is in constant contact with the Principals of the schools and the Parents’ Associations for the

information and immediate response to any documented problem arising in its areas of responsibility.

He is also in constant contact with the Municipalities regarding the cleanliness and disinfection of the school premises.

Due to the special health conditions, the Regional Authority has to intensify the controls regarding the observance of the conditions stipulated in the contracts of the carriers, regarding the protection of the students (escorts in the buses of primary school students).

The Regional Authority is in contact with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health, due to the fact that the pandemic situation is evolving and fluid, for continuous information, intervention and additional action and taking measures, where and when needed.

The health of the children and their education is a primary good and this is served by the Regional Authority.

The responsibility of all institutions, institutions and citizens is great. “There is no justification for the insecurity in the education system that is trying to be created for micro-political reasons to the students and their parents”.

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