Ionian Islands Regional Governor at the WTM 2021 World Tourism Exhibition in London : The prospects for the Ionian Islands, inside and outside Greece have been upgraded

  • “Greece at the center of the global tourism market”
  •  “The prospects for the Ionian Islands have also been upgraded, but the competition is also increasing, inside and outside Greece”
  •  “Special meeting at a working dinner of the Regional Governor with the Minister of Tourism Vassilis Kikilias, EOT agents and travel agents from Britain”

With positive results and forecasts for our country in terms of next season closes the gates of the WTM 2021 , the leading tourism exhibition in London U brings the global market and reflects the dynamics in post covid 19 times .

The Ionian Islands Region  participated with space for each Regional Unit within the EOT stand .

The messages are positive for our country and especially for the Ionian Islands from the British market .

The Corfu is clearly the protagonist with many potential increases in flights and seats offered by airlines , but the interest and opportunities are increasing for the other islands.

 The Region at a workshop with the Tourism Minister. Claus Kikilia but also participate in the official dinner hosted by the ESO to tour operators in the British market showed the challenges of the Ionian Islands to the increase of quality tourism , the upgrading of accommodation and basic infrastructure and promised regular updating of EOT offices and travel agents and other travel agents.

 “Our goal is to convince for the health safety of our destinations, to enrich our products with the quality elements of our gastronomy and culture, as well as the combination between large and small islands. However, we see the strengthening of competition from Spain, Portugal, Italy and elsewhere, and for this reason a comprehensive model is needed to upgrade the tourism product and the information campaign on developments in our islands, in terms of infrastructure and security, beyond the usual tourist promotion “, declares the Regional Governor Rodi Kratsa – Tsagaropoulou.

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