Ionian Islands: Safe holiday destination for all seasons

The Ionian Islands are ranked at the top of the safest areas in Europe by the latest report of the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).

The Ionian Islands Region, along with very few other regions in Europe, is in the top five of those with such low incidence / population rates that they remain below the 4% threshold for coronavirus testing.

This finding coincides with the absolutely successful campaign of the Ionian Islands Region “Ionia… for all seasons”, sending the message that the Ionian Islands are ready from the first moment with active initiatives, to safely welcome Greeks and foreign visitors.

It provides the opportunity for anyone seeking experience to dream and make a visit to the Ionian Islands as a travel destination for all seasons, but also for all seasons and those with difficult health conditions on the planet due to the pandemic, because the Ionian Islands know how to protect and protect their visitors.

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