Ionian Region – Meeting discussing the problems for seasonal tourism

The Regional Governor of the ionian islands of MS. Kratsa held a meeting in her office at Alykes.

The  businesses and tourist workers brought about by the battle against covid-19 and of course the special characteristics of the tourist market.

The President of the single customs agency pantelis giannoulis and press spokesman stefanos dēmoulḗs put into account the regional Governor’s concerns and the support measures proposed by the agency as absolutely necessary measures for all tourist entrepreneurs and asked for the promotion of the region of ionian Islands to the government.

They also discussed the measures that the region can take in favour of businesses and MS. Kratsa – kratsa stressed that the region of ionian will make use of all its resources to support businesses and tourist activity in this exceptional critical situation, and also assured that the requests will be transferred to the responsible ministries.

As for the expected developments, the regional governor has informed the members of the agency that around mid-may there will be developments by the European Union on the health protocols that will apply, for road and air transport, and this will also mark the greek tourism strategy.
“at the moment each country is trying with special campaigns to keep the population within borders for domestic tourism, but we keep the image of the safe and attractive destinations of our islands around the world and we decide to stay open this year”, said Kratsa.


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