Ionian Tsipouro and Ionian Ouzo Distillery To Be Built and in Operation by 2021

New Great Investment in our island: Ionian Tsipouro and Ionian Ouzo from 2021 based in Lixouri!

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Foivos Winery and myself are very pleased to announce that we are returning to our production the tsipouro and ouzo that many of you remember from the past decade and have been asking for.

In packs of 0.7 liters and 0.2 liters!

The discussions have been on fire and our familiarity with the tax warehouse (due to the abolished VAT) facilitates our synergies and decisions! The Ionian Islands will have their own large distillery in the Lixouri area, and I will try to conquer yet another peak with a new large investment package soon to be completed to begin implementation immediately so that new production can catch up with it. 2021.

All varieties of Kefalonia Robola, Mavrodaphne, muskato, muskatella, chassouli, basil, Zakynthian and currants, will be offered as a distillation product: In tsipouro!

Until then, for 2020 and in collaboration with a friendly distillery, we will produce our well known successful and sought after Tsipouro and ouzo labels!

Theodoros (Fivos) Orkopoulos

Fivos Winery


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