Is the Astra Zeneca vaccine ineffective in people over 65?

An alarm has been sounded in the EU following reports in German newspapers that the Astra Zeneca vaccine is not very effective in people over the age of 65. What does the company say? War between the EU and the British company after the closing of the tap on the supply of vaccines.

The reactions were immediate with Brussels warning of a halt to the influx of vaccines from the pharmaceutical company into EU member states.

Both Handelsblatt and Bild , citing sources in Berlin, reported that British experts had found that the AstraZeneca vaccine was only effective in 8% of people over the age of 65.

Bild, citing unnamed government sources, wrote that Chancellor Angela Merkel’s ruling coalition expects the AstraZeneca and Oxford vaccine, which is expected to be approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) this Friday, will not be approved for adults over the age of 65, causing a major blow to vaccination campaigns in many countries.

If the flow of vaccines of this company in the EU is finally reduced, then an unfilled gap will be created.

There is now strong concern that the European Medicines Agency may not approve this vaccine for these companies.

What AstraZeneca answers

The British pharmaceutical industry has defended the effectiveness of its coronavirus vaccine in people over the age of 65, refuting reports by the two German media.

“The articles, according to which the effectiveness of the AstraZeneca and Oxford vaccine is only 8% in adults over the age of 65, is completely untrue,” a spokesman for the pharmaceutical industry told AFP.

The British pharmaceutical company, whose vaccine is already licensed and widely used in Britain, said in a statement published in The Lancet in November that “older people had a strong immune response to the vaccine.” 100% to produce specific antibodies after the second dose ”.

German Health Minister Jens Spann stressed today that the European authorities would base their decision to approve the AstraZeneca vaccine on existing scientific evidence, while declining to comment on German press reports on its effectiveness in the elderly.

The company reduced supply available

The EU Health Commissioner expressed her dissatisfaction with AstraZeneca “for insufficient explanations” and “lack of clarity”, noting that a new discussion with the company will take place on Wednesday. In particular, Stella Kyriakidou stated:

“Discussions with AstraZeneca today have resulted in dissatisfaction with the lack of clarity and inadequate explanations. EU Member States are united: those who develop vaccines have social responsibilities and the responsibilities of the contracts they must abide by.

With our Member States, we have asked AstraZeneca for a detailed schedule of vaccine delivery and when distribution will take place in the Member States. “Another meeting will be held on Wednesday to further discuss the issue.”

It is recalled that Astra Zeneca informed the EU last Friday that it will not be able to deliver the agreed number of vaccines by the end of March and that instead of 80 million it will deliver 31 million.

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