Ithaca: Changing Speed in Tourism But Needs more Ferry Connections

Indicative of the new data created in Ithaca, concerning the ferry connections of the island 

On the occasion of the 11th conference of the “Small Islands” held in Ithaca in the past few days, the mayor of the island Dionysis Stanitsas, speaking to RES-EI, underlined that the island has modern conference facilities, to play an important role on this front. 

It is emphasized that a large medical conference is held every year in Ithaca, attracting scientists from around the world, as well as representatives from local government and local political leadership.

Indicative of the new data created on the island of “Odysseus”, it has to do with its ferry connections. More daily connections from Patras and Astakos, while not only creating a sense of exclusion for the locals, but also creating conditions for lengthening the tourist season, something the island mayor wants, as he reports in the RES-EIA. “August this year may have been the best of all time, but that is not enough for the local economy of the island,” said Mr. Stanitsa, with the extension of the tourist season “imagining” a one-way street.

The new ETA President, Angela Gerekou, was also present at this year’s conference, where she had previously worked as a Minister of Culture with Mr. Stanitsa on the programmatic convention of the designation of the archaeological site of the Odysseus Palace. Mrs Gerekou, together with the Mayor, had the opportunity to visit the EOT marina and was also briefed on the proposed € 450m tourist investment in the southern part of the island.

Focusing on the proceedings of the conference, Mr. Stanitsas noted that the major issues for the small islands lie mainly in the under-staffing of municipal and health services. For example, Ithaca, the mayor emphasized, “does not have an architect-surveyor and a civil engineer to run projects” and therefore makes programmatic contracts with larger municipalities, implying the immediate execution of the projects.

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