Ithaca mayor update on Ballos & Athina storms response

Upon the announcement by EMI that the weather phenomena ′′ ATHENS ′′ and ′′ BALLOS ′′ are expected to hit Western Greece, the Municipality of Ithaca has put all its commercial services on alert to the particularly severe storms and stormy winds expected.
Cleaning of wells, torrents, diaspora of municipal and private machinery, cooperation with Region Civil Protection, Greek Police, Fire Brigade and Hellenic Coast Guard were designed and implemented.
However, the phenomenon of volume and heavy rain was such that it could not be easily dealt with.
The Municipality was invited to manage, from the afternoon hours of October 14, until the early morning hours of October, the consequences of rainfall of 343 tonnes / acre, while the previous day a rainfall of a 290 ton / acre without any problem.
To notice the volume of rainfall a normal rainfall recording for the whole month of October is 110 tons per acre.
Cooperating Services with their key interventions (such as breaking coastal walls to defuse water) during phenomena but also prevented greater damage and ensured no human lives at risk.
It has been requested to declare Ithaca in Civil Protection emergency while we continue our immediate recovery actions and are in constant communication with all responsible entities, the primary concern of safeguarding human life.
I assure you that we are doing everything possible and working to repair the damages and compensation of those affected.
I want to thank you all for your help and support.
We will all overcome this together and we will all succeed together.

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