Its going to feel like a spring weekend! Up to 15 degrees above normal temperature, see maps

Good weather with very high temperatures for the season, up to 15 degrees Celsius above normal for the season, are expected in Greece this weekend, according to the meteo of the National Observatory of Athens.

An extreme change in the weather is forecast in Europe in general, which will split in temperature on January 9 and 10, as hot air masses from Africa will cover the Central and Eastern Mediterranean. The transport of cold gas masses in unusually small latitudes over Western Europe and North-West Africa will cause the transport of very hot gas masses to our region.

On the other hand, the Iberian Peninsula is projected to receive very high snow heights, as do the Northern Balkans. Heavy rains are also expected in southern Spain, Morocco and the Western Balkans, where flooding is possible.

The map shows the temperature at the height we study the movement of gas masses, about 1500m above sea level. Europe will be split in temperature on January 9-10 as hot air masses from Africa cover the Central and Eastern Mediterranean

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