Its great to see Greece walking the talk – Many road checks today on national road

Greece is is using blocks on both the national roads and the side streets for the next few days

Lefteris Oikonomou stated: No one has the moral right to worry the residents of the province

In extending and enhancing the controls even in side streets highways will proceed in the coming days the Greek Police in order to prevent those output will attempt to travel to the province for the Holy Week and Easter without good reason.

Our goal is “not to endanger many of the few,” government spokesman Stelios Petsas said during a news briefing at noon on Thursday, explaining that“And 5% of the population who do not comply with the measures are capable of blowing up the effort. In these few we say the fine is doubled, license plates are removed for 60 days and they will be returned to their base. Let them reconsider. “
At the same time, Mr. Petsas  was adamant that the government is not considering a traffic ban on Easter day.

The inspections are continuous from the morning on both exits of Attica as shown in the videos of

In the same vein, Undersecretary of State for Civil Protection Lefteris Oikonomou , speaking to THEMA 104.6, told all those who “think and process various scenarios to move to the province, that they should think about the people in the province, the who are few and mostly elderly. We do not have the moral right to go and create anxiety in these people and at the same time to have a social isolation between us, you see the appeals from the island Greece, the local authorities, the local communities “.Early in the morning in Afidnes and Elefsina, police stopped the drivers and asked them for the necessary travel form. In case they located someone who did not have it or his excuse was not convincing, they would take him to the police van that was parked and cut off his call.

 far, the police have “caught” 20 offenders who have been fined 150 euros, while the case of a driver who had two other people in his car who was fined 450 euros , ie 150 euros for each person and As expected, he returned to Athens after he was not allowed to continue his journey.


Blockade, fines and in-depth criminal penalties for “inconsistent”

The government stepped down the button to intensify protection measures against the corona  on Wednesday, sharply increasing the level of readiness of the state mechanism against second-hand citizens’ thoughts on Easter trips to the countryside. . The Minister of State, George Gerapetritis, set the tone for the tightening of the measures from an early age by “photographing” reinforced blocks and multiple fines, while sending the message for a “long period of de-escalation” of restrictive conditions. Mr. Gerapetritis explained that the supervision of the protection rules is addressed to those who look sideways towards the countryside, with the Deputy Minister of Civil Protection Nikos Hardaliasto specify in the next few hours the new travel framework by April 27, which had just been implemented.

“The need to protect the countryside, our villages, our islands and, above all, all those who belong to the vulnerable groups in each region of our country, requires us to make new decisions,” said Mr. Hardalias , noting that Any attempt to move from urban centers to rural areas on Easter days creates conditions for the virus to spread, adding that “we can neither risk nor allow this.”

ELAS in a key role

The “exclusion” from land, sea and air will last until April 27, when the course of the epidemic curve of the virus in the country is expected to be largely reflected, as long as the phenomena of “disobedience” are minimized. In this direction, as of yesterday at six in the afternoon, intensive inspections are being carried out:

On the road network in:

· national roads and their side streets,

· on national ring roads

; and collector roads to and from urban centers, with checkpoints by Greek Police along them in all private vehicles and on a 24-hour basis.

On the sea routes:

The Coast Guard has already taken orders and is conducting similar checks at all ferry stations, while until April 27 the transport to and from the islands is suspended, both by air and by ship, with the exception of the movement of permanent residents to their island of residence. and the transition of small island residents to larger ones for strict B1, B2 and B3 travel, ie access to a doctor, pharmacy and supermarket.

On the air:

Given that for many European countries ( Italy , Germany , Spain , UK) the ban on air flights to and from them is valid, the movement from the airports is allowed exclusively for the movement of permanent residents to their permanent residence, based on their E1 statement and without the possibility of return.

At the exit gates:

The same regime applies to the country’s ports, railway stations and bus stations, as only permanent residents can leave them for permanent residence (based on the E1 declaration) and with a return ticket until April 27. “No tickets will be issued, no passengers will be boarded without the E1 declaration or the special certificate of permanent residence,” Mr. Hardalias clarified, in any direction.

Drones, night vision goggles and water barriers!

However, the police are even preparing for a night hideout, as it is estimated that some citizens may want to take advantage of the darkness to avoid checks. According to information from SKAI, even night vision binoculars will be “recruited” at points on national roads. Water bars will also be installed as obstacles because the ELAS fleet is not enough. At the same time, the entire fleet of drones will be deployed to inform ground forces about what is happening on the ground.


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