Its windy today but apparently its going to be lots worse tomorrow!

Weather: Stormy weather from Libya with unprecedented storms


Weather is ruining Tuesday and a new bad weather will affect Greece for a weekend from Tuesday to Thursday, as a deep barometric low from the bay of Sirtis in Libya, with well-organized “fronts”, is expected to move slowly towards the east-northeast provokes a bad weather in many parts of the country, with strong phenomena especially in the east and south, according to the meteorological service of the National Observatory of Athens (EAA).

The new bad weather is related to the creation of air pockets over our region. When cold and hot gaseous masses meet in the upper troposphere, a dividing surface is formed between them, where gaseous winds of wind-driven winds are called windmills.The intensity and movement of air pressure significantly affect surface weather systems and play a catalytic role in shaping the weather conditions of an area.


 On Monday , typically local rains will occur on the eastern continents and in Macedonia. At the same time, particulate concentrations of dust in the atmosphere will be particularly high, limiting visibility.

 On Tuesday , the cold front of the barometric low is expected to sweep the country from south to north. Heavy rainfall will occur in the Ionian Sea, Crete, the Peloponnese (mainly in the East and North), Sterea (including Attica), Evia and the Cyclades, while the night will extend to the Dodecanese and the night in Thessaly.Strong phenomena will be accompanied locally by storms, hailstorms and very strong winds.

At the same time, heavy snowfall will occur in the mountains of the Peloponnese and Sterea (over 900 to 1,000 meters) with significant snow cover.

During the weekend Wednesday-Thursday, rains will appear in many parts of the country, accompanied by storms above sea level. Hionia will fall into the mountains and possibly Thursday in areas of the northern country with lower altitudes.Though the phenomenon will not be as tense as Tuesday, it will again be strong again, according to the NEA meteo.

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