January 26 2014, when the earth “got angry” in Kefalonia – (Videos)

It was January 26, 2014 , an ordinary winter Sunday on the island of Kefalonia .

The clock showed 15:55 when the earth began to tremble with anger “receiving” human beings, souls, buildings and infrastructure.

The first strong surface earthquake had a magnitude of 6.1 R and focused on the southwestern coast of the island and specifically around 9km southwest of Lixouri

Thousands of aftershocks followed but on February 3 shortly after 5 a.m. a new strong 5.8 R magnitude earthquake centered on the west coast came to “finish the job” of his “twin brother”.

Since then, although eight whole years have passed, there are “wounds” that have not healed despite the big words and promises.

From the first moment, the IONIAN CHANNEL with missions was next to the earthquake victims giving reason for their anxiety and despair.

Leading is the leading journalist George Georgiadis  who, although he has passed away, his reports have remained to remind us what DIGNITY and RESPECT for man means by the representatives of the media.

Let’s remember the two videos that follow IONIAN CHANNEL ‘s journey to captured Kefalonia, in 2014.


Source – imerazante.gr

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