January – March 2019 Update from Kat’s

Sorry for the delay in posting these, it has been a very busy few months,
so here are the neutering figures from the first 3 months of 2019

JAN 5 Female dogs 4 male dogs 25 female cats 10 male cats = 44
FEB 12 female dogs 5 male dogs 48 female cats 18 male cats = 73
MAR 13 female dogs 3 male dogs 47 female cats 21 male cats = 84

Total 201

we also had a few cats with ear cancers, nose cancers, and prolapses
a young cat and a dog that were run over, and a dog that needed a operation on its eye

so a very busy first quarter of the year, and all this made possible by our wonderful supporters, the charity can’t thank you enough for helping the unwanted animals on Kefalonia

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