Jeremy Flint Photographing in Kefalonia for National Gegraphic

Who is Jeremy Flint?

an award-winning professional photographer and writer from Oxfordshire specialising in travel, landscape and location photography. My work covers a curiosity for the people, places and cultures I visit through colourful and intimate moments that capture the essence of a place and show affection and optimism through my ability to connect with people.

My award-winning work also focuses on environmental portraiture, depicting subjects in their natural environments combining portraiture with my passion for travel. 

Top editorial publications have featured my work including National Geographic Traveller, Lonely Planet, the Sunday Times Travel magazine, Digital Photographer, Outdoor Photography, This England, the Countryman and the Canon EOS magazine amongst others.

Why was he her?

To photograph the  “secret side” of Kefalonia, Jeremy was sent to Kefalonia from the English department of EOT (Greek tourism organization) as part of the campaign to show the beauty of our island to the outside world.

Who was his local Guide?

Outdoor Kefalonia George Potamianos  who states

 Our task was to try and show him as much of the nice, winter life. I have to say that i am honoured to be chosen as the guide one more time.

Photographs of the photographers visit

source – FB of outdoor kefalonia,



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