Jet Ski Fleet crosses the Corinth Canal (Video)



A real showcase was provided by 35 athletes from 16 countries, who last Tuesday made the crossing of the Corinth Canal with their jet skis.

The event is organized by the Hellenic Jet Sports Boating Association in collaboration with the Jet Raid International Organization and its originality is that athletes compete on the open sea, rather than on the coast as usual abroad.

The world’s best jet skate crews are participating in a strategy, endurance and showdown with the open sea for five full days of races in Argosaronikos and Corinth, from 3 to 8 June 2019.

Jet Ski Ισθμός Κορίνθου

Jet Ski Ισθμός Κορίνθου

Gepostet von Boating In Greece am Mittwoch, 5. Juni 2019

Today, Thursday, the crews of Akropolis Jet Raid 2019 will be in Nafplion, where after a tiring fight they will spend the night in Karathona, with a camp. 

The race will culminate on the following Sunday after the first jet ski drivers will have passed from Loutraki, Corinth, Corinth Isthmus, Aegina, Agrikri, Ombiri, Alkionides, Nafpaktos, Hera Petradora Loutrakiou and Sarantis of Boeotia.

It’s actually an adventure, a tough test for riders and boats. An adventure that does not evolve just a few meters away from the shore like the usual close course, as it takes place on the open sea. Through the tedious journeys, riders and crews know the magical landscapes and hidden beauties of our country and get the best taste of Greek hospitality.

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