Juan de Fuca and the mythical Anian Straits that will be floating in 2040

Ioannis Fokas of Valerianos, Juan Gracos, Juande Fuca of Flotade Tierra Firme and Flota de Nueva Espana followed the established. He was about to grow up the world. Discover new paths, new roots.

He began to find the mythical Ananian Straits that were supposed to join the Pacific Ocean with the Arctic Circle Atlantic, also known as the Northwest Passage, and would shorten the sea route to China from Western Europe. In fact, in the spring of 1592, he traveled with a caravel and an auxiliary boat from Acapulco to the north, crossed the coasts of California, climbed further north, and entered a passage eastward, discovering the Straits south of Vancouver Island . So along with his anonymous crew they became the first Europeans to arrive in the southwest of Canada. These Straits bear since 1725 his name by decision of the Russian Academy of Sciences of St. Petersburg.

However, the Anian Straits, which they commanded the Mexican Regency to discover, and which, of course, did not find them because they had not yet opened, nowadays they are being shelved and shelled from a thick layer of ice. The Northwest Passage by 2040 will be a self-evident fact that will facilitate world trade by making shipping between the Pacific and the Atlantic from the north more environmentally friendly, faster and more economical.

Thus, centuries after his journey, now that the ice melts in the Arctic cycle due to the overheating of the planet, his “fallacy” is verified: the passage he thought he discovered, and with this twisted belief died around 1602 on the island in Kefalonia.

Nowadays the Arctic Economic Council (ArcticEconomicCouncilhttps: //arcticeconomiccouncil.com/), which since December includes the Greek Shipowners’ Association (https://www.ugs.gr/en/), has its own support and the promotion of the new sea passes opened by the recent and irreversible – as yet undecided – melting of the ice. This makes it more efficient – in each sector – for sea transport to be able to reach the Canadian coasts from the Atlantic to Alaska.

According to sources, in 2014 the NUNAVIK truck brought 23,000 tons of ore from Canada to China, traveling to the NW Pass without the help of ice-breakers.

Huang de Fuqa of the 16 th century. won the eternal memory.

It was compensated by the weather, climatic conditions, ice melting.

It has been rewarded by the centuries.

Evridiki Livada


source- kefaloniamantata.gr

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