June 5th is world environment day – The Ionian Islands Region is actively moving in the direction of Redesign, Reconstruction and Restoration of Ecosystems

  •  June 5, World Environment Day – Actions of the Ionian Islands Region with the aim of sustainable development, tackling climate change and environmental rehabilitation
  •  Spyros Ioannou: “It is now understood that human activities have significant negative effects on the environment and ecosystems. In the Ionian Islands Region, we undertake targeted actions and initiatives for the protection of the environment and its harmonious coexistence with development “

 On the occasion of the celebration of the World Environment Day (June 5), which was instituted by the UN in 1972 and this year has as its motto: “Redesign, reconstruction, restoration” focusing on the restoration of ecosystems , the Deputy Regional Minister of Environment, Environment Of the Ionian Islands Region, Spyros Ioannou , briefly presents initiatives of the Ionian Islands Region , which move in the direction of implementation of projects and actions , which are directly or indirectly related to the restoration of ecosystems , monitoring their quality, biodiversity , protectiontackling climate change and natural disaster management.As Spyros Ioannou characteristically emphasizes “This year’s celebration marks the beginning of the United Nations International Decade of Action (2021-2030) for the restoration of ecosystems. It is now understood that human activities have significant negative effects on the environment and ecosystems. “We must take targeted actions and initiatives to protect the environment, tackle climate change, protect biodiversity because only then can we achieve sustainable development.”

Monitoring of coastal erosion in PIN

PIN participates as a co-beneficiary in the LIFE-IP AdaptInGR Program entitled “Strengthening the implementation of a policy for adaptation to climate change in Greece” lasting 8 years (2019-2026), with a total budget of about 14 million euros (for PIN about 1 million euros ). The project is coordinated by the Ministry of Environment and Energy and is implemented in collaboration with eighteen strategic partners from the central administration, the local government A ‘and BD grade, the academic community and non-governmental organizations. The pilot Action with which we participate concerns the recording, monitoring and recording of coastal erosion on 50 beaches of PIN with the use of unmanned flying vehicles.

Regional Plan for the Adaptation to Climate Change of PIN

According to article 43 of Law 4414/2016, the Regions have the obligation to prepare the Regional Plan for Climate Change Adaptation (PSPKA), which is approved by a decision of the Regional Council on the recommendation of the Directorate of Environment and Spatial Planning of the region. following the opinion of the Regional Consultation Committee and the Directorate of Climate Change and Atmospheric Quality of the Ministry of Environment and Energy. To this end, the Regional Consultative Committee recently met, in order to give an opinion regarding the PESPKA of PIN and we are now in the final stretch for its completion.

Quality of atmosphere, groundwater, livestock and oil products

In collaboration with the National Research Center for Natural Sciences “Demokritos” we implement two research projects related to the comprehensive investigation and monitoring of the quality of the atmosphere, groundwater, soils of livestock and oil products in the wider area of ​​the landfill.  78,306.00 euros, and in the wider area of ​​the Temploni landfill of Corfu, duration 36 months and 121,520.00 euros, through specialized chemical analyzes, which include analyzes of dioxins and heavy metals in samples of the atmosphere, groundwater , olive oil and livestock products such as milk, eggs, meat and poultry. 

Oil mill waste treatment plant

One of the most important problems faced by the Ionian Islands Region is the waste of the olive mills. After meetings and continuous communications with RIS, RIS and NTUA we are now at the stage where the Environmental Impact Study has been completed and the appropriate funding is sought for the implementation of this project, combined with the already expressed interest from a business group. to invest in this direction.

Energy Consultant

Inclusion of the Act entitled “Investigation Consultant in the Ionian Islands Region of financial instruments in order to support energy saving actions and environmentally friendly projects in the Priority Axis” ERDF Technical Assistance “of the Operational Program 74 Ionian Islands with a total of €5,380,000.00 the provision of energy support consulting services for the planning of the energy upgrade of the infrastructure of the Ionian Islands Region and the identification of energy saving actions and environmentally friendly projects, the investigation of the possibility of financing, with any suitable financial tool, as well as the preparation of the Business Plan and Application File for financing.

Establishment of Energy Communities

Investigating the possibility of establishing and operating Energy Communities in each PE as well as the legal framework that governs them, in collaboration with the Center for Renewable Sources & Energy Saving (CRES) and the participation of the Ionian University, the Municipalities of PIN, Chambers etc. About 2 months ago we implemented for the first time in our Region, an internet conference in collaboration with the Center for Renewable Energy Sources, entitled “The institution of Energy Communities in the process of energy transition in the Ionian Islands Region”, in order to inform local agencies for Energy Communities and the important role we can all play in achieving national energy and climate goals,but mainly in tackling energy poverty and promoting the Social and Solidarity Economy.



Awareness and Awareness Actions for Integrated Solid Waste Management

This Act is part of the Ionian Islands Operational Program in the Priority Axis “Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development”, with a total budget of 170,609.53 euros and a duration of 30 months. The project concerns the implementation of information and awareness actions of citizens, groups of producers of individual waste streams in the public and private sector in order to change behavior, collective perception and active participation in the prevention, recycling and alternative waste management.



BEST Project – Addressing common pressures in the field of agriculture and aquatic biodiversity by enhancing sustainable rural development

The project is co-financed by the Transnational Cooperation Program Greece-Italy 2014-2020 and has a duration of 36 months and a total P / Y 5,380,000.00 euros with PIN as the lead partner. The aim of the project is to promote cross-border cooperation to address threats to biodiversity (terrestrial and aquatic), as well as the threats of genetic changes that may bring alien species to agricultural stocks, as well as anthropogenic pressures, enhancing sustainability and development of coastal and rural ecosystems.



Marine hazard mapping

Preparation for the submission of a proposal for research, mapping, monitoring of marine geological, environmental and anthropogenic hazards in the Ionian Islands Region and development of an innovative business system and tools for the assessment, management and reduction of risk in the IIS Program.


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