Just 106 offences on Easter Sunday for attempted travel from place of residence, 279 for unnecessary local travel and an overall number of offences since restrictions commenced of 46,420

ELAS proceeded with the confirmation of 106 violations for travel outside the regional unit of the place of residence, yesterday, Easter Sunday, April 19, throughout Greece, in the context of the measures to avoid the spread of coronary heart disease.

In particular, according to ELAS, the specific violations occurred in the following areas: 54 in Attica, 19 in Thessaloniki, 13 in Crete, 5 in Central Macedonia, 3 in Western Greece, 3 in Thessaly, 3 in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace. 2 in Epirus, 2 in Western Macedonia, 1 in the Peloponnese and 1 in the South Aegean.

For these violations, fines of 300 euros were imposed, while in 95 cases the traffic data of the vehicles were additionally removed for 60 days. Since the beginning of the measure, a total of 835 violations have been confirmed and an equal number of fines have been imposed, while in 515 cases the traffic data of the vehicles have been removed for 60 days.

At the same time, 279 violations were confirmed throughout the country for unnecessary travel and an equal number of fines of 150 euros were imposed, as follows: 115 in Attica, 37 in Thessaloniki, 27 in Crete, 19 in Central Macedonia, 16 in the South Aegean, 13 in the Peloponnese, 12 in North Aegean, 11 in Central Greece, 11 in Thessaly, 9 in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, 3 in Western Greece, 3 in Epirus, 2 in the Ionian Islands and 1 in Western Macedonia.

Since the start of the measure, on Monday, March 23, to date, 46,420 violations have been confirmed throughout Greece and an equal number of fines have been imposed.

It is noted that for the operation of stores (of health interest, commercial, etc.), despite the relevant ban, no violations were confirmed yesterday and no persons were arrested. Since the beginning of this measure, on Thursday, March 12, 482 violations have been confirmed across the country and 463 people have been arrested.

As ELAS points out, the inspections continue with undiminished intensity, in order to ensure public health.

Source: RES – EIA

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