KALIANOS: It’s a weekend where Greek snow records could be broke!

The well-known meteorologist predicts that if the barometric lows are maintained, we will have one of the most important snowstorms in the last 10 years

Indeed, he points out that the predictions so far are “almost shocking” in altitude and snowfall. But he “brakes” their enthusiastic, saying that it is still too early to say anything.

“On Thursday night, you will know what will happen in all detail and detail for all parts of the country,” he says.

Analytically posting Giannis Kallianos on Facebook:

“It’s early, we do not know yet 100% how the barometric systems will move. But if they are maintained, there is a chance in the SK to experience one of the most important snowflakes in the last 10 years.

I repeat, the weather forecasts are almost overwhelming in terms of altitude and snowfall. But it is still too early. Do not ask me if it will snow in areas you care about. No one can talk to you right now with precision.

On Thursday evening I will issue a detailed announcement. I’m stuck on my computer and I study all the possible scenarios of the weather. We are very close but also with a small change at the same time and very far.

I know, you want to learn from now. Patience for 48 hours and do not listen to what’s right and left. If you do not go Thursday night you do not know, not even risk.

If it appears what we are talking about, we will be talking about areas that will experience very pleasant situations due to snowfall locally. The question is whether it will come what seems so far.

The intense cold is now “locked” from the following Saturday afternoon and then. The point is to see where it will snow.

On Thursday night, everyone will know what will happen in all detail and detail for all parts of the country. “

Source- iefimerida.gr 

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