Sahara dust incoming for the Holy Week – Analytically the weather

African Dust in Athens – Photo: EUROKINISSI / TATIANA BOLARI
With his post on his personal Facebook page, Giannis Kallianos proceeds to a new forecast for the Holy Week.

According to him, the Holy Week will have everything from the weather point of view. Expecting a lot of dust from Africa, a lot of clouds at times, typically sunny and local rains, mostly southerly, elevated temperatures but also intervals that as long as the dust allows, the sun will also appear.

In detail, the posting by Giannis Kalianas says:

Due to the prevalence of seas (an average of 6-7 beauforts) prevailing in the seas, a significant transfer of dust from Africa is expected, a dust that will cover almost the majority of Balkan countries in very high concentrations, but unfortunately in Greece it will be even more pronounced phenomenon (see dust transfer map). A little attention needs to be shown by vulnerable groups.

Although the dust concentrations will be high and the cloudy will prevail at times, with the result that the sun does not constantly give the present, the temperatures will be elevated and even from Wednesday Wednesday, and then the mercury on the southern continent will touch them 26-27 ° C. In Crete, temperatures will be even higher at the local level.

As a rule, any rains occurring in the Holy Week will be weak or at most moderate in intensity. I will not insist on analyzing the areas that will rain because these rains will be scattered both in the Ionian and Mainland as well as in the Aegean. Obviously, it will not rain everywhere, but the increased local clouds may even give you some chips for a little while in different parts of the country.

We may be 6 days before Easter, but the weather for that day remains a big question mark. Temperatures will surely be pleasant for the season, but other forecasting elements want to rain in several areas on Easter Day, and others insist on a springtime scenery of the weather. Still has not clarified anything. I believe that on Wednesday Wednesday we will all know about Easter time.

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