Kallianos: Bad weather is coming – How long will it hold, where will it be worse

Meteorologist Yiannis Kallianos warns of the coming week for a wave of bad weather , which will last at least two days.

The weather will be cloudy due to an extensive barometric low, coming late Monday night from the west. The first rains – light to moderate intensity – will start in the west and will affect almost most areas of the Ionian Islands and the western mainland on Monday night, according to Mr Kallianos’ forecast.

“In the next two days after the onset of rainfall , namely on Tuesday and Wednesday, the barometric low will move east and cover most areas of the country (mainly central and southern Greece) with low pressures. This will result in bad weather both in the Ionian and the Aegean, and in most of the continental areas. The main features of the bad weather will be rain and locally-heavy thunderstorms – thunderstorms mainly in the central, southern and eastern part of the islands – strong south winds with their bursts reaching 7-8 beaufort in the Aegean and its slight fall temperature, ”says the meteorologist.

Rain in Attica
As for Attica, it will be raining on Tuesday and Wednesday, with local storms likely to occur.

“It will not be raining consistently and strongly. But it will be raining with recessions and recessions for at least 2 days, on Tuesday and Wednesday, “says Mr Kallianos on how the bad weather will affect Attica.

However, due to the relatively small drop in temperature, it estimates that it will not snow to a lower altitude as it did a few days ago . However, snowfall is expected in the mountains of Macedonia and Thrace, over 900-1000 meters.

Winds up to 8 beaufort
But the main feature of bad weather will be the strong winds. On Tuesday there will be south winds, especially in the Aegean, with tensions reaching 7-8 beaufort. By midday on Wednesday, however, in the northern Aegean, the wind will be blowing and blowing from northern directions and very strong at 7-8 and likely to reach 9 beaufort in the northern Aegean, according to the meteorologist.

Watch out for the bad weather in Thessaly
At the same time, Mr Kallianos draws attention to Thessaly, which will be hit mostly on the second day of bad weather.

“It seems that a large volume of water will affect the region of Thessaly during the second day of bad weather, namely Wednesday. There is a need for attention in the event of flooding, ”he says.

The weather is expected to improve on Thursday, although local rains will occur in several areas of the country, concludes Mr Kallianos, but noted that there may be changes in the forecasts as there is a long time.
source – iefimerida.gr 

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