Written by Jorge Smetzos posted on Lakithra FB site
Villagers, these few 4 who gave the “present” at the appointment, were not from the village. They were 2 expatriates from the USA. and 2 Britons.
NO Greek… NO ONE from the village…
I write it and I am ashamed. (Me at least).
Why should we always expect everything from others in our country?
None of these 4 feel worthy of congratulations. Nor do they want to hear good words.
Why did they NOT go there, for this reason.

Because they do not think that they did something great that they found themselves in the right place, to deserve praise. They did – very simply – their duty to their conscience.

But YOU, who read the announcement and while you LIVE in the village, (another 2, another 5 other 10 narrowly further) and  did not even bother to come, to defend what belongs to you and tomorrow to your children, you shone through it in your absence.
And if the time or day was inappropriate due to work or obligations, you could tell. We would change the appointment…
Both men and women were judged, not by me, nor by my neighbor, nor by your neighbor, but by your own conscience, which I hope will ask you for explanations at some point…
And because in most egos, it is usually more strong from the greatness of admitting a mistake, you will try -perhaps- to come out on top.

Nobody hurts you. Before your responsibilities, we try to bring you.
Before it’s too late…
Mistakes are human and exist to correct them, to progress both as citizens and as a society.

As for the state σε He hurried to Kallithea, the same day we had made our appointment (what a αλή coincidence really…).
We found two trucks, two vans and some workers working there.
We will not say “Well done” to them.
Because they had to be there many days -if not weeks- earlier (especially after the events in Evia and Varybobi…
Because in a benevolent country, the state apparatus would not expect citizens to take the initiative instead.
On the contrary, he would have moved first.

No… under the current circumstances, it does not matter to say “bravo” to them because they did the obvious and even late. In the final  they did their job (and admittedly they did it well, we must emphasize this…), clear words.

Good “Administration” filtati.
Without “Providence”, however, it is nothing.
And with ABSOLUTE sincerity, we hope you learn something from this and next time, apply the ancient saying  “Command is to provide”…

Because we all want to congratulate our elected lords, seeing them next time,  to do what they have to do, when they have  to and they in turn should be proud of us, that we will rush unselfishly to help, human beings no matter how many times need.

Hopefully we ALL learned something from our mistakes. We who went, already made our criticism and  we know that we could have organized it better , in order to mobilize more people. We did our self-criticism.