Kappatos (local MP) meeting with Greek Minister of health secures further support for ICU and refurbishment of Argostoli hospital

I met this morning with the Minister of Health Mr. Thanos Plevris to whom I wished good luck in his new duties.

We discussed the priorities of the Ministry at the legislative level the management of the pandemic and all the issues concerning the Health sector in Kefalonia and Ithaca.

Regarding the Argostoli hospital we agreed that despite the obstacles posed by the pandemic its operation has improved and the auxiliary staff has increased significantly, with a staff of 96 additional people compared to 2019.

I informed the Minister about the critical problem of inability to attract physicians and anesthesiologists. Submitted request postings made from 6 to RAL  to meet the positions of permanent doctors.

We also talked about the commendable initiative of the Municipalities of Argostoli and Lixouri to institute incentives to attract Doctors to the hospitals of Kefalonia and we discussed how the revision of the institutional framework can strengthen on a stable basis and give hospitality to the islands.

I analyzed the reasons why the ICU should operate, following the cooperation of the services of the Ministry and the administration of the hospital. The Minister showed increased interest in the issue and we agreed to work closely in order for the ICU in Kefalonia to function.

The needs primarily concern the service of the citizens of Kefalonia and Ithaca, but also the increasing number of visitors for 6 months every year.

Finally we discussed the issue of infrastructure. As the hospital of Argostoli has never been maintained in terms of buildings and has obvious damage from the earthquake of 2014. I informed the Minister that after the autopsy of KTYP, it is crucial to include the major building restoration project in the Recovery Fund. In cooperation with the services, the smooth running of this effort must be ensured.

Regarding the new Department of Emergency Situations (TEP) and sterilization, after the legal regulation for the exemption from VAT, the donation of the Vergotis Bequest is utilized in its entirety. Licensing for the construction of the project is in progress.

I warmly thank the Minister of Health Mr. Thanos Plevris for the sincere interest he showed so that the issues concerning our Prefecture can be resolved.

With Thanos Plevris we had the opportunity to develop an excellent cooperation as members of our Parliamentary Group.

In his capacity now as Minister of Health I am sure that he will be a helper in the issues that I as an MP of Kefalonia and Ithaca develop for him and that concern his area of ​​responsibility.

Panagis Kappatos



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