Kappatos: The decision for the reconstruction of the Sami – Karavomylos Pedestrian Bridge was signed

I am pleased to announce that all the procedures for the reconstruction of the Sami – Karavomylos pedestrian bridge have been completed. Yesterday, the Minister of National Defense signed the relevant decision, since the project will be executed by MOMKA (Design and Construction Unit of the Army Army Engineer).

After 8 years, the suffering of residents and visitors of the Sami area is over. I should note that when I was first informed about the progress of the project a year ago by the former Deputy Regional Governor Mr. Drakoulogonas, he had mentioned this to me as the most important issue for the region of Sami. Despite the intense anxiety and appeals of local actors, the previous government had shown no interest. Unfortunately, there was a negative suggestion for the execution of the project and in the previous months a great effort was made to first turn the suggestion of the services into a positive one and then to complete the process until the signature of the Minister, in cooperation with the Ministry of National Defense, the Ionian Islands and the Municipality of Sami.

Warm thanks to the Minister of National Defense Mr. Panagiotopoulos for accepting the request, as well as to the Commander of MOMKA Brigadier Mr. Klouvas who will undertake the execution of the project. It is a decision that highlights the social contribution of the armed forces and strengthens the unbreakable relationship of the citizens with them.

I also thank the Mayor of Sami Mr. Monias and the Deputy Mayor Mr. Kallivokas for their effort to finally solve this problem. Thanks also to the competent employee of the technical services of the Regional Unit of Kefallinia Mr. Kokkoliadis for the exemplary handling of the project file.

Panagis Kappatos

Member of Parliament for Kefalonia and Ithaca

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