Kapravelos for Epiphany: I have lost my words – A third wave is coming, we will mourn many victims

The assessment that “a third wave is coming and we will mourn many victims” was expressed today by the ICU director of the “Papanikolaou” hospital, Nikolaos Kapravelos, while he also commented on the crowded images that were observed during Epiphany .

“What October was for the November tragedy, January is for the possible February and March tragedy. I’m afraid that we will experience similar incidents, I’m sure. “Seeing the epidemiological burden that exists, I completely agree with what the State did, but no one is listening to it,” he told SKAI. Answering a question whether we will experience a repetition of what we experienced in Thessaloniki, he replied: “Worse, much worse. With these minds we will not only talk about the tragedy of Central Macedonia and Northern Greece, but about a tragedy that will be combined with the severity of the third wave. Because if we go like this, the believer should light a candle, the schools should open because the children have psychological problems, the shops should open because they have discounts in January,

The difference between November and February is that the NSS is much more pressed, without available ICUs, he explained.

“I’m speechless. I really do not know what else I can add to help the citizens and the state to avoid the tragedy that continues and we see in front of us “, stressed Mr. Kapravelos, referring to the crowded images that were observed on the day of the Epiphany .

He revealed that the City Prosecutor’s Office called him to investigate any responsibilities for the situation at the time. “In one of the darkest days of November, I had pointed out that lives that could have been won could be lost and will be lost. A week later, the Thessaloniki Prosecutor’s Office called me with three questions: First, what did not happen that could have happened. Second, when it had to be done. “And third, who is responsible? I was in a very difficult position to explain that what happened in October happened because no action was taken, we paid for it with a million victims and we continue,” he said.


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