Katelios Celebration is Cancelled this afternoon, maybe a good time to make your own 1st May Flower decoration

Alas once again due to weather another vent in Katelios is cancelled


But How about Making yourself a Traditional Flower Decoration This Afternoon Instead!

First of all, we must take care of getting some home-made materials that we do not find in nature. You will need a string of string or flower fastening wire, a small trimmer or scissors and gloves if your hands are sensitive. Optionally, you can get decorative ribbons.

The base

For the beginning of your wreath you will need a base of vines or ivy or flexible claws woven together to the desired size and securely fastened with our wire (or string) at the edges to avoid surprises when knitting the flowers . Ready-made staple trays from strands or stylized stones remain a good solution. Even a wire hanger that you bend in a circle, or reminiscent of a crown base, can be an easy one.

The flowers

There is no rule for the choice of flowers, except that we should avoid fragile and weak, as they will not help in your construction. Prefer a flower in bright colors and lots of greenery! You can choose flowers from your pots or garden (daisies, roses, carnations, azaleas, cauliflowers etc.), herbs (rosemary, laurels, lavender etc.) or wild flowers and bushes (shrubs, oleanders, poppies, limestones, mallows, chamomile etc.), with the sole condition of the long stalk!


Grasp the flowers you picked up with your hands in colorful bouquets with the string (or the wire) and begin to fasten them tightly to your wreath next to each other so that one covers each other’s stalks. For a 35cm wreath you will need 20-30 bottles! Do not hesitate to enrich it with greenery and large leaves, even olive branches, which will make your wreath look impressive!

The process is easy but a little time consuming. But if you have the help of your children and friends, you will definitely make it much faster and the result will justify you. After you make it, on your return home, hang it out of your door.

source – gymx.gr 

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