Katelios to Pastra Walking Route Cleaned with Ainos Wild Horses Looking On!

Today 16/3/2019 with amazing weather and sunny day, the team of the cultural club kateleioú-markopoulou cleans the ambulatory route of the nerómylōn kateleioú-Pástras to become accessible to visitors, with the help of the president of the community pástras gerásimou phourniṓtē and the subscription of English Cephalonia community. Enos’s wild horses are watching us in person. Appointment next Saturday 23/3/2019 and time 10.00 am at the church of pástras to continue our effort. We invite the members of our club and anyone who wants to participate to come to the scheduled appointment or communicate with the secretary of the club and responsible in the project team for cleaning the path of the neromýlōn panteleió dimitris on phone 6942410555.

From the fb of Katelios-Markopoulou Cultural Club

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