Katerina Sakellaropoulou: “I am fully aware of the burden I bear and the responsibility I assume”

The first statements by the new President of the Republic Katerina Sakellaropoulou. The new President of the Republic was the first to post a clear, comprehensive and politically weighty statement. In a climate of excitement the announcement of the result by Kostas Tasoula.

The new President of the Republic, Katerina Sakellaropoulou, was the first to post a brief, comprehensive and politically weighty meeting at her office with the House Bureau under President Costas Tasoulas to announce the outcome of her vote in the High Court. country office.

In her first public statement since her election to the Presidency of the Republic, Ms Sakellaropoulou referred to all the burning issues that concern Greece and the world and outlined everything she intends to do in the context of her responsibilities under the Constitution.

With phrases such as “I am fully aware of the weight I am bearing and the responsibility I assume”, Ms. Sakellaropoulou gave the highlight of the course she intends to take.

The climate was emotionally charged and, as Mr Tasoulas said, Mrs Sakellaropoulou’s proposal garnered widespread acceptance by overcoming the 2/3 that it required and endorsing its united and meritocratic candidacy. “An event that demonstrates that her high duties are auspicious,” she said.
Katerina Sakellaropoulou was obviously moved and thanked the Parliament for her election and the delegation for her warm words.
Mrs Sakellaropouliou highlighted the major issues, including the economic crisis, climate change, the flight of young people abroad, the movement of populations, the protection of the weak and the retreat of the rule of law.

“I pledge to carry out my duties within the framework outlined in the Constitution and in cooperation with Parliament, the Government, the opposition parties, seeking the highest possible consensus, guaranteeing the smooth functioning of democracy. Our country, a modern rule of law and for many years a member of the European Union, is a factor of stability, development, culture and democracy in the wider region. A prerequisite for maintaining and improving this position is to safeguard its territorial integrity and its sovereign rights.
I do not ignore the difficult world conditions and the corresponding challenges of the 21st century, including the economic crisis, climate change, mass displacement and the ensuing humanitarian crisis, the decline of the rule of law and all kinds of inequalities, and blockades, which go beyond the boundaries of the States and require international cooperation.
Particularly for our country, the consolidation of a social climate of peace, security and confidence, economic growth, reversal of youth abroad and protection of the weak are priorities.
The mobilization and cooperation of human resources, the improvement of education and the health system, the protection and promotion of the natural and cultural environment, the exploitation of new technologies and the opening up of society to new ideas and initiatives are factors that will contribute to achieving these goals.
I look forward to a society that respects rights, as described in both our Constitution and the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union and the European Convention on Human Rights. A society based on its long democratic tradition, heals the wounds of the past, faces the challenges of the present and looks forward to the future with optimism.
Hoping for this future, I assure Parliament and all Greeks and Greeks that I will have all the strength to fulfill my constitutional role. ”

Addressing the new President of the Republic, Parliament Speaker Costas Tassoulas said: “The proposal of the New Democracy Parliamentary Group presented by its President and Prime Minister Mr Kyriakos Mitsotakis was very much welcomed by 26 precondition for a two-thirds majority of the total number of Members required by Article 32 (3) of the Constitution for the first ballot, but also a confirmation of your union and merit-based candidacy. Consequently, the legitimate constitutional and historical requirement for the Supreme Lord’s consensual election has been met with the above application and your high duties, as governors of the state which ensures the harmonious operation of the powers of the State, are auspicious. “

He then referred to the late PD Michael Michalis Stasinopoulos, who also came from the CoE and cited his own references to the Supreme Court’s role, noting that it had created “a new era in the country’s public life”.

Referring to Ms Sakellaropoulou, she stressed that she had the institutional space needed for the state regulator and the expressor of the nation. Mr Tassoulas has been described as a panhandler and is honored by Greek justice and modern Greek. And he concluded by saying that from this high step he will serve the Presidency of the Republic in the events that will take place to mark the 2 centuries since the Greek revolution. “It is worthwhile that your election should be worthy of your mandate, too,” Mr. Tassoulas wished.

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