Kefalonia Animal Trust Minutes of AGM


Saturday 23rd March 2019 – Happiness Restaurant – Karavados

Committee Members 
Janet Jones – Treasurer
Catherine Candy – Secretary

Sheila Steven

Pat Dolman– President 
Maria Butler

Treasurer’s Report
Janet Jones (Treasurer) went through the accounts for 2018. She also had the detailed accounts if anyone wanted to look at them.

Money this year had been raised from a number of sources, the Charity Shops, direct donations through Paypal or into the various bank accounts, cash donations and Easy Fundraising.

Income and Donations received this year covered our expenses.
Total Income- 65166.16 euro
Total expenditure- 59264.70 euro

Expenditure was made up as follows:-
Total paid to vets 59014.70 euro.
(This figure is 12069.40 euro more than in 2017)

Darcy (Dog) Hip replacement in Patras 250 euros

There were a number of people who were thanked for their help with raising money. The list of names is at the end of these minutes.

Catherine Candy presented the neutering numbers for 2018

Over 800 animals were neutered in 2018, this figure includes 100+ neutered by the volunteer vet.

The charity was lucky enough to have 1 Volunteer vet during 2018.

Any Other Business/questions
Due to the resignation of Sheila Stevens, there was a place on the committee available.

Jean Baker was nominated by Sheila Steven and seconded by Bell Noon

Vikki Evans suggested villa owners and reps were contacted with a view to acquiring any items left behind which could be sold at the bazaars and in the shop.

New member Annya McKenzie suggested we needed to advertise more, and has agreed to take over the updates to our website, which has been neglected over the last few years.

Jean Baker highlighted that we need to increase our membership to get some new blood involved with the charity.

Lynda Thompson advised a transport of adoptees from Zakynthos has managed to get to UK. Unfortunately the transport we used in 2018 for adoptions was stopped in January by Port Police in Patra due to paperwork irregularities. KATs did not have any animals on this transport. The animals from the stopped transport are in various foster homes on Zakynthos until these irregularities are cleared up. The lawyer from KAAN (Kefalonia Animal Aid Network) is getting involved with the case, as animals from this association were on the transport in question.

Annya McKenzie also suggested we ask Spiridoula if it would be possible to contact the vet school in Thessoloniki re volunteer vets, who may have the relevant paperwork to volunteer here on Kefalonia.

Roger Steven is doing a sponsored bike ride of the Aegean Islands in April on our behalf and we promised to publicise everywhere. 
Everyone was thanked for attending and also Happiness Restaurant for the use of their premises and continued support.

Meeting Closed
Thanks for monies raised:-

SKALA KATS (Book sales etc) 2117.75
VETS TINS 8326.12
ALITIS BAR 1887.50
KAT UK 15815.00

Thanks to everyone who has a collecting tin on their premises:-
AB supermarket, Bakery Peratata, Meat Market Peratata,The Book Tree, Baligoto Supermarket, Fiskardo Supermarket, Solomos Supermarket Skala, Nine Muses Hotel Skala, Katelios Taverna, Donkey Trekking Sami, Down the rabbit hole, Jumbo.

Also many others have made donations including,Lesley Sykes, Valerie Tyrell, Trish Cropper, Vera & Don Attwood, Nigel & Val, Pro animal Austria, Ulrike Gripp, Lesley Groom, Andrea & Rob, Deb & Duncan, 
Ag. Andreas Convent, Deborah Tilley, Margaret Bauer, JJ Barnes, Irma & Fred Van Dijk,
Angela, Andy & Chantelle, Shelley & Ben Bates, Joy Pollard, Sue & Stan Day, Lornas Auntie Dotty,
Roger Ash, Zoe Swanton, Simon, Friends of Debbie Mc Crorie, Roger Steven, 
donations in memory of Eileen Stewart, Cathy and Trevor Candy, Mr & Mrs Hatfield, Amanda Micheletti, Diane Shepherd, Rosie Furnival, Holly Marriott, Katie Foreman, Jean & Russell, Dave & Val, Jo Evans, Sandy McKinley, Ann McNeill, 
Benny Porter for donating so many goodies for the bazaars,
and Danny.Hunt for his UK based car boot sale

Thanks to Sheila and Roger for their cot and car seat rental donations.

Also we have had several anonymous donations, you know who you are

last but not least, huge thanks to those that donate monthly through paypal, and donate goods/clothing for us to sell to raise money for our neutering program


source FB page of KATS

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  • September 13, 2019 at 12:50 pm

    Hi, I have recently stayed over in Skala and did notice some cats around, not too many but did have some concern regarding a small ginger kitten in main street of Skala adjacent to where church is in between the Old Village restaurant and local bar at end of street I spoke to the other charity over in Argostoli and they said to contact KATS charity as it might be beneficial to it being checked over as very small and vulnerable. I can make regular small donation to the charity on monthly basis, could you let me know if anyone over there could take look at it?


    Colleen Flush UK


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