KATs sterilised over a 1000 strays in 2020

Drum roll 1011 animals, we did it, with all your help.

Well another year comes to an end, and even though all our lives changed due to Covid, we managed to sterilise 869 cats and 142 dogs.
As well as neutering, we have had a lot of emergency vet bills to cover, including broken legs, eye problems, breathing problems and not forgetting the little cat from Karavados, whose face was ripped, we think by a can. (Please remember to crush your cans). After recovering from her surgery Betty was looked after by a volunteer and is now happily in a forever home with another one of our volunteers.
This year we were lucky enough to have a volunteer vet, super Ninja@Inez Van Der Brande, who was approved by GEOTEE and the municipalities of Sami and Argostóli. She was accompanied by her glamorous assistant, husband Don. 235 cats were sterilized, all cats were all photographed and microchipped, before being returned to the area they came from. These cats are included in our overall total and quite a lot of money was spent on this programme, as we had to pay for the microchips and drugs.
We were going to have another volunteer vet in the autumn, but COVID restrictions put a stop to that.
So we would like to thank everyone who has supported us through this horrible year. The people who donate via PayPal, you are our backbone, Our magnificent volunteers, who have turned their hand to making things for us to sell, to raise funds. They stand out in all weathers catching the strays for neutering.

The support of the bigger charities

Greek Animal Rescue

who not only donated new trapping equipment, but also a generous donation, for sterilising all the puppies at Stepping Stones, and

The Greek Cat Welfare Society (UK)
for trapping equipment, this has certainly helped us achieve these amazing figures

Thanks also to Our shop ladies who, when COVID allows, work in all weathers to run the shop. A huge thank you to

Katerina Lorenzatos Makris for allowing us to use her premises for the shop. Also to the people who donate items for us to sell and last but not least our customers.
Even though we have not had many tourists this year, we had quite a few animals adopted
Our volunteers have had to feed through the summer too, due to lack of tourists. Costly for our volunteers, who pay for the food themselves, but it meant the cats knew them and were easier to catch when we had sufficient funds to sterilize them.
So as 2020 ends, the animals of Kefalonia and everyone at Kefalonia Animal Trust hope you have a wonderful New Year’s Eve, and a much better 2021. We hope to see some of our regular visitors again soon.
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