Kavos, Laganas and Malia: The party is over in the British Resort

With a frequency of 10-15 minutes from the first light of the sun until late at midnight, dozens of charter flights fly over Pontikonisi and land in Corfu, transporting English tourists from all over Great Britain from April to October each year. . Most of them, arriving at “Ioannis Kapodistrias”, after locating the label of the agent who is waiting for them, board the tourist buses and are transported directly, among other things, to their earthly paradise, in the area of ​​Kavos .

These are three areas, which are transformed every summer into colonies of English tourists and this year live the British desolation. Entire areas such as Kavos , which worked exclusively with the British, may not open at all this year, in Laganas it is estimated that only 1/3 of the accommodation will operate, while if something does not change dramatically, in Mallia of Crete many of the small hotels and rentals Rooms hosted by young British tourists will remain closed due to lack of tourists. According to the epidemiological data so far, the arrival of the first English tourists is expected in early August, creating a big hole in the revenues of the British paradises in Greece for the month of July.

If the British market does not open, Kavos will not open 

“Our biggest market is Britain. It is a huge blow to all the Ionian Islands and especially to Corfu, which is heavily dependent on the British market, ” Babis Voulgaris, the new president of the island’s Hoteliers Association, told ethnos.gr, adding:” It is a big wound for Corfu. Especially for the big hotels of mass tourism that many Englishmen would have suffered even more. If England does not open, it is very likely that Cavos will not open at all this year “. 

Zero reservations for 8,000 beds in Kavos 

The situation in southern Corfu is dramatic, especially in Kavos, where thousands of British tourists flock every year. “In total, there are 7,000 to 8,000 beds in Kavos alone, and bookings are zero so far. And in our area we have very large hotels with 2,000 and 3,000 beds . If they do not have at least 50% fullness they cannot function.

And most contracts are with British agents. Even in August, some hotels show a fullness that ranges close to 15 to 20%, “said the deputy mayor of Tourism, Nikos Kourtesis, to ethnos.gr . Many hoteliers are trying to reach the markets of Central Europe and the Balkans, but it is very difficult to claim a pie from these markets at the last minute. “They want to change their market but it is difficult to change the contracts now,” added Mr. Kourtesis . 

The goal, as explained by both the president of the Corfu Hoteliers Association and the vice-mayor of Tourism of southern Corfu, is to minimize the damage to the professionals of the industry and to make as many accommodations as possible so that it can be heard this summer as well. Corfu is open. 

Britons 70% of tourists in Zakynthos – 1/3 of accommodation will not open

In an area of ​​two hundred meters in the area of Laganas, the nightclubs of the area extend where every night the English tourists who seek moments of freedom and carefreeness in an area that has the largest single sandy beach in the Mediterranean, wake up to the last drop Groups of British tourists with tickets from British agencies in hand singing and dancing in the middle of the street are led to specific bars making the “round of death” with drinks until the final drop.
British tourists make up 70% of the island’s tourists, according to the president of the Laganas Hoteliers Association, Christina Tetradi.A total of one million tourists visit the island each year. Of the 400 hotels operating on the island, I believe that it will not open with today’s data more than 1/3. The British market is the largest in Zakynthos .

And that creates additional problems. However, in these unprecedented conditions that Greek tourism is experiencing, it is an opportunity to create a new tourist model-upgraded-based on modern bases “, said Ms. Tetradis to ethnos.gr. According to the president of the Hotel Owners Association of Laganas, the occupancy rate of hotels this year will be very low and will not exceed 50%, given the problems that have arisen due to coronary heart disease. 

Finally, the mayor of Zakynthos announces the cntrol of British tourists in Laganas 

The new mayor of Zakynthos, Nikitas Aretakis, is announcing strict measures in Laganas on the occasion of both the pandemic and the health protocols that have been announced. “It is not possible to allow 100 people to enter a club and 800 and 1,000 people actually enter. We will take their licenses immediately and not in the winter months as they used to be. I think that everyone will comply in this way, ” the mayor of Zakynthos told ethnos.gr and added:” It is not possible for an entire island to be discredited by the practices of 5-6 shopkeepers in Laganas. “

He has already contacted the local police department in order to tighten and intensify inspections throughout the tourist season. The biggest responsibility for the impunity of English tourists is attributed to many of the owners of local entertainment centers.

As local agents point out to ethnos.gr , “the municipality has drawn up a” Regulatory Decision of Good Practices and Ethics for the Promotion of Tourism “in Zakynthos, which is essentially undermined by many shopkeepers and the local interests of Laganas. However, the goal of the new municipal authority, as Mr. Aretakis said, is the further upgrade of the tourist product in Laganas, given that many five-star hotels in the area are also active. 

 Concerns in Malia – The English are missed

Despite the shift in family tourism and the opening of new markets in Malia in recent years, British tourists remain a significant force, representing 1/3 of the tourists who visit the area each year. Indicatively, last year the municipality of Hersonissos welcomed 1.5 million tourists, 30% of whom were young Britons. Concerns are running high as every summer since early June, the British have flooded the southern part of the Malia region, giving life. “It simply came to our notice then. The destination will not be open to the British before August and that is a question, ” Chresonissos Mayor Giannis Segkos told ethnos.gr, adding that careful and steady steps must be taken by all tourism people and all protocols must be strictly adhered to. Because if the destination opens and closes again, it will be worse and it will be a disgrace for the area “.


Danger of not opening small and medium units if the British do not come 

The absence of the British from this summer is expected to create unrest mainly in the rented rooms and the small hotels where the British usually stay, according to the Deputy Mayor of Tourism of the Municipality of Hersonissos, Konstantinos Anastasakis. 

“It is possible that if we do not change the data so far, many of these small accommodations will not open this season. Some of them will try to gain some of the lost ground by chasing bookings through platforms like AirBnb. However, the situation is difficult as 90% of the family budget of the region is based on tourism. The peninsula has a total of 104,000 beds, ” Mr. Anastasakis told ethnos.gr.  According to him, the damage will be great, especially for the bars and clubs that worked purely with English tourists, carrying out the well-known cruise bar. 

In addition to British tourists, Malia has in recent years turned to new markets such as Germany, France and Austria. “Unfortunately, the arrivals and these markets are slow as the quarantine measures are still in force. We must remain a safe destination to be able to extend the tourist season until October-November,” Anastasakis added .

Today, in all of Crete, according to the latest data of the Hotel Owners Association, taking into account the reservations so far, the occupancy reaches 25 to 30%. “Last year we hosted 4 million tourists in Crete and with the data so far we estimate that the season will end with 1,250 million tourists.” 

source -ethnos.gr

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