Argostoli, October 24, 2019
No. Ref .: 2132.18-2 / 3398/2019 & ISLAND POLICY 
No. Decision: 54/2019



Post. Director: Argostoli Tach. Code: 28100 Phone: 26710-22224 Fax: 26710-22202

SUBJECT: “Road Traffic Extraordinary” In Argostoli today on 24/10/2019 Thursday,K efallinias Limassol

Deputy Commander Athanasios Sioutis,

Considering: a) The provisions of article 52 par. 2 of Law 2696/1999 (Government Gazette 57A ‘)’ Ratification of the Road Traffic Code ‘, as amended and in force. 

b) Articles 295 and 296 of the General Regulation of the Port of Kefalonia (Government Gazette 482 B ‘/ 78).

1. The stoppage of vehicles on 24/10/2019 due to the ordering and policing measures during the arrival, stay and departure of a foreign flag ship at the cruise service pier in the port of Argostoli. 

2. As a result, from 24/10/2019 at 20:00 until 25/10/2019 at 17:00, the movement of vehicles is suspended and the prohibition on the standing and parking of any wheeled vehicle within the Argostoli Port on the coastal road “John Metaxas”, between “Israel” and “Agnis Metaxas” streets.

 3. This to be published – announced in the media and in the Local Daily Press.

 4. Violators of this Decision shall be punished in accordance with the provisions of Article 52 (6) of Law 2696/99. In addition, regardless of criminal or other liability under applicable law, they are also subject to the penalties of article 157 of Law 1887/73 “On the Code of Public Maritime Law” (Government Gazette 261A΄ / 73), its first subparagraph. par.1 of which was subsequently amended and is in accordance with article 2 of Presidential Decree 381/95 (Government Gazette 214A΄ / 95) as amended and is applicable only to article 2 of Presidential Decree no. 193/01 (Government Gazette 156A). 5.

Notified for implementation.-
Lieutenant-Governor Limassol Athanasios Sioutis
Energy Receivers :
Kefallinias Police / Port Police Sector
Receipts for Notification: 1. Police Department of the Police Department 4. Police Department 3. Police Department 3. Police Department TAXI Argostoli “Agios Gerasimos”