As the end of the season starts to become closer we start the horizon scanning for next year which will be a very special one for Greece and Kefalonia,


  • Most of us will at least be accustomed to living in the covid era if not vaccinated
  • The islands going to be green and blooming even if it doesn’t rain again this Winter!
  • Restriction will be less than the winter we are about to start and the sun will be shining again

But it’s also an important year for Greece and Kefalonia who will also be celebrating

  • The Greece 1821-2021 bicentennial events mark the 200 years since Greece revolted against 400 years of Ottoman Turkish domination (since 1453) that led to the declaration of independence and the creation of the first modern Greek state.

So as we go through the Winter months and our minds turn towards #kefalonia2021 as well as the news, views  and changes  we will bring you direct from the island this Winter, depending on your circumstances these sites are worth you checking to see what accommodation you could rent (short or long term) or even buy.

You will be amazed how much money you can save by going direct and be shocked how easy it is to manage transactions with owners of these properties.

Kefalonia Property Buy Direct

Kefalonia Property Rent Direct

Kefalonia Holiday Property Rent Direct

If you have questions regarding the impact of Brexit we can either help you locally directly at The Kefalonia Pulse Group with news or island specific information from Kefalonia Information Board and suggest you join the FB group British in Greece

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