Kefalonia a top destimation for Airbnb according to AirDNA

Airbnb has brought good news to many investors but there are downsides as can be seen in report with people being priced out of properties in some areas of Athens. Kefalonia is noted amongst top areas using Airbnb, further statistics for uptake on Kefalonia can be found via this link to AirDNA.

Which areas of the country drowned at Airbnb, which homes bring top revenue

“Whoever does not want to ferment, ten days sifting,” says the wise proverb in order to describe those who want to avoid coping with the problem they have before them.

And somehow, the government decided to set up an original committee of the ministries of finance, finance and labor to record – supposedly – the data generated by the “boom” of short-term leases and to suggest – appropriate (?) actions are supposed.

Leaving aside that there is no reference to the need to engage local communities, that is to say, the municipalities, it provokes not only the sense that the government is absolutely uncomfortable in the face of the Airbnb tsunami , despite the fact that already in other European countries or cities, legislative initiatives or legal actions to put in place and apply rules to a phenomenon that has been romantically launched as a means of facilitating low-income people and has resulted in an incredible EUR millions of euros, usually driven by “Gray” zone of the economy.

At the time, for example, the Scots have banned in their big cities the renting of entire buildings and allowed the short-term lease of individual rooms so as not to disturb the domestic peace of the rest of the apartment blocks. In Greece, whole bands are bought, households are blown up and thousands are actually “pushed” people in non-commercial areas due to the launch of rents, thus creating the first post-monumental “bubble”. What is the reaction of the official State so far? Certain tax provisions make and declare some of these incomes, while statistics (AirDNA) show that the law is grossly abused, since the exploitation of these properties has been taken over by contractors.

The data presented a few weeks ago, Thomas Caton, an AirDNA executive, the largest company in the world that collects and processes short-term lease data from the relevant platforms, is truly impressive. Patisia, Agios Konstantinos, Commercial Triangle, Neos Kosmos, Koukaki-Makrygianni are the neighborhoods that recorded the largest increase in property listings in 2018, while the Zappeion area has the highest revenue per accommodation, with the price reaching 58 euros per night. The estimate is that by 2019 we will have an increase in accommodation that is rented as a whole, with their price reaching 200 euros per night!

Especially with regard to Athens, the data developed by AirDNA show that 88% of the accommodation rented through Airbnb is leased out in full and only 11% of these short-term leases are for individual rooms. The estimate is that 54% of these lodgings are managed by hosts who manage and other accommodation at the same time, which is probably a housing management company. 

The phenomenon or problem of short-term leases does not, of course, concern only neighbourhoods in Athens. Evidence shows that Crete is the highest place in terms of accommodation (17,188 accommodation via Airbnb and 6,565 via Homeaway), while the top destinations include Zakynthos, Mykonos, Santorini, Kefalonia, Corfu, Thessaloniki, Rhodes, Paros, Kassandra, Halkidiki, Lefkada.


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