Kefalonia: Agia Efimia village flooded by heavy rain [images & video]

The devastation in Agia Efimia this morning has now made the Greek National papers, one article from many being reported in the Greek press.

The road to the village of Agia Efimia – Photo:
The main road in the village of Agia Efimia in Kefalonia was filled with mud and water , after the thunderstorm that hit the Ionian Sea from the early hours of today.

Residents of the area are unable to move due to tons of mud and other roads in the village.

Pictures and videos from the village of Agia Efimia
At the spot were immediately found 4 vehicles of the Fire Service with 10 firefighters who, together with the services of the municipality and the Regional Unit of Kefalonia, fought their own battle under heavy rain to clear the streets of Agia Efimia and return the village. in regularity.

The main street of the village is filled with mud – Photo source:

Photo source:
In Cephalonia and Zakynthos, since Monday night (23/09) it has been a “red alarm” with the civil protection services of the two islands having mobilized all relevant services.

See the related video from the village of Agia Efimia in Kefalonia:

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